Autumn Decor Guide

Autumn Decor Guide

Autumn is in full swing and here at Complete Decor we have products to change up your home and bring some of those amazing fall colours into your everyday decor. Feeling the cheery bright Oranges and Purples? Or maybe your mood is more deep Greens and Browns? We are sure to have the products to liven up your decor.


One Perfect Throw

This throw is a staple item, perfect to transition you through the seasons from Autumn to Winter and Spring. Beige throws are great but you have to wash them so often to keep them looking good, the beauty of darker colours means less stains and by option for a brown hue it goes with virtually everything!




Find a colour palette and stick to it

By choosing one colour palette and sticking to those tones you can easily mix and match styles and textures while keeping a well thought out and cohesive look! Ever hear of the 60- 30- 20 rule? This classic decor rule helps create a colour palette for a space. It states that 60% of the room should be a dominant colour, 30% should be the secondary colour or texture and the last 10% should be an accent.


Be Bold

Colour brings life, warmth and depth year round! so don't be afraid to paint a feature wall in your home and bring in some contrasting furniture. Take note how the metal trims and natural materials tie this room together.

 Embrace the heavy textures

Adding layers such as throws, sheepskin Hyde and Quilted blankets is one way to bring warmth into your home as the temperatures start to drop, another way to do this is with texture. Tufted quilt covers are a subtle way to add texture to your bedroom, while swapping out the cushions around your home can be an affordable way to change up your style with the seasons. opt for velvet, fur or my favourite a chunky knit. 

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